行き交う情報の量とスピードが爆発的に飛躍した現代社会は、現実とフィクションの境すら曖昧になり、もはや何でもありのバラエティ番組のような現象が日常化している。途切れる事なく目に入る情報に忙殺され、物事の本質を見極めるのが困難である一方、誰もが労せず「(曖昧な)答え」に辿りつける環境では、人々は思考することを忘れてしまいがちだ。 古くから神話や信仰が根強く語り継がれているように、真実とデマの境界線はいつの時代でも曖昧だが、思考と想像こそ人間が持つ最大のツールではないだろうか。


Using hand-cut stencils and spray paints, snAwk devotes to fuse harmonies and dissonances between shapes, colours, compositions, and layers. Symbols and images are randomly extracted from our modern culture, copied and sampled multiple times to construct a picture plane, then everything loses its meaning and significance, becoming abstract.


The shapes are located on a picture plane very quickly by using stencils and spray paints. No matter how much time and effort are invested for the cutting process on the stencils, they have equal values to a simple shape like a circle as “information” to consist a painting. Without any relavance to each other, the shapes and images are randomly marked, overlap accidently, or intentionally. The senses of disconfort and and antimony are given, and questions the consequences and believabilties in the informations we consume without responsivilites.


In our modern society, where the amount and speed of information we consume are overwhelming, the lines between the truth and the falsehood are vague, and anything goes in our lives just like variety shows. It is difficult to see things in essence when we are exposed to overflowing information, on the other hand, anyone can instantly reach to the “(ambiguous) answers” without a blow; people are not thinking anymore. The lines between the reality and the fiction has always been vague since the myths and religions were born, but cognition and imagination are the biggest tools that human beings have.